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C maskedtextbox validatingtype

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If it fails, the Type Validation Completed event handler displays an error message to the user.If the value is a valid Date Time, the code performs an additional check to ensure that the date supplied is not prior to today's date.If the value is a valid Date Time, the code verifies that the date supplied is not prior to today's date.This mask can demand that the user enter eight digits, but cannot verify that the user enters month, date, and year values in the correct range; "12/20/2003" and "70/90/0000" are equally valid as far as the mask is concerned.Mask This property sets the string governing the input for this control. Use the Mask property to limit the textbox’s input to a specific format.

( Brush, Pen, Font, Color, Size Point) (Button, Text Box ..) .

)\b"; string ip1 = ""; string ip2 = "302.0.0.1"; Regex. Is Match(ip2, pattern); // returns false Correct, Masked Text Box does not allow you to do complex validations directly.

In IPAdres_Type Validation Comleted function while if statement is true error Provider1 blinks and give "INVALID IP" message else it should disappear.

The designer has a useful set of predefined masks such as date time formats, phone numbers, and zip codes.

You can access the predefined mask via the Property Pane: Or directly in the designer: If you need to create you own format, please refer to the following table or go to the Mask Property MSDN Help Page for more details.