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Relative-dating techniques are nearly always applicable but are not precise and require calibration.Correlation techniques are locally useful and depend on recognition of an event whose age is known, such as a volcanic eruption or a paleomagnetic reversal. Reference ID: 71158Keywords: Collier Basin, Earaheedy Basin, Geological map, Regional geology, Stratigraphy, Warakurna Large Igneous Province, Western Australia, Yilgarn Craton250k Maps: SG5004 - Collier100k Maps: 2848 - Wonyulgunna Locations: Stratigraphic Names: Backdoor Formation, Bangemall Supergroup, Calyie Formation, Collier Group, Edmund Group, Ilgarari Formation, Kulkatharra Dolerite, Scorpion Group, Tooloo Group, Warakurna Supersuite, Willy Willy Formation, Wonyulgunna Sandstone, Yelma Formation Oldest meiolaniid turtle remains from Australia: evidence from the Eocene Kerosene Creek Member of the Rundle Formation, Queensland Alcheringa 41/2, p231-239. Reference ID: 71273Keywords: Geological map, Stratigraphy, Western Australia250k Maps: SF5009 - Yanrey100k Maps: 1952 - Uaroo Locations: UAROOStratigraphic Names: Ashburton Formation, Biddenew Formation, Boolaloo Granodiorite, Devil Creek Formation, Discovery Formation, Duck Creek Dolomite, Durlacher Supersuite, Edmund Group, Irregully Formation, June Hill Volcanics, Kiangi Creek Formation, Leake Spring Metamorphics, Moorarie Supersuite, Mount Mc Grath Formation, Mundine Well Dolerite Suite, Nanutarra Formation, Narimbunna Dolerite, Pooranoo Metamorphics, Winning Group, Wyloo Group, Yarraloola Conglomerate, Yilgatherra Formation Wonyulgunna, WA 0 000 geological sheet 2848 Geological Survey of Western Australia null, map.Ausnahmen kommen etwa bei Umlagerungen oder Überschiebungen vor: So könnte in einem archäologischen Befund älteres Material durch Umschichtungen bei Bauarbeiten oder durch Erosion an einem Hang über jüngerem Material abgelagert worden sein.

Numerical techniques are best, but datable materials are often lacking, and in these cases age estimation must be made using relative-dating or correlation techniques.Geologic assessment of active tectonism depends on two key measures: the age and the amount of deformation of a given stratigraphic unit.The amount of deformation can normally be measured with greater accuracy than the age. Northern Territory Geological Survey Record 2017-002, 64p. Reference ID: 71069Keywords: Explanatory notes, Geological map, New South Wales, Stratigraphy250k Maps: 100k Maps: Locations: Stratigraphic Names: Abercrombie Beds, Abercrombie Formation, Acton Shale Member, Adaminaby Beds, Adaminaby Group, Akuna Mudstone, Anembo Granodiorite, Argyle Formation, Arthursleigh Supersuite, Back Station Ignimbrite Member, Ballyhooley Granite, Bango Limestone Member, Barnby Hills Shale, Bathurst Supersuite, Bells Creek Volcanics, Bendethera Limestone Member, Bendoc Group, Billyrambija Dolerite Member, Bindook Group, Birkenburn Beds, Bishopthorpe Dolerite, Bishopthorpe Suite, Black Bog Shale, Black Mountain Sandstone, Bombay Volcanics, Boro Granite, Box Ridge Volcanics, Boxers Creek Formation, Bradfordville Volcaniclastic Member, Braidwood Granodiorite, Braidwood Suite, Bredbo Group, Briars Sharrow Gabbro, Bubalahla Formation, Bullamalita Conglomerate, Bumballa Formation, Bummaroo Formation, Bundong Granite, Bungendore Formation, Bungonia Group, Burra Burra Creek Formation, Butmaroo Granite, Butmaroo Suite, Cabonne Group, Campbells Group, Candello Suite, Candelo Suite, Candelo Supersuite, Captains Flat Beds, Captains Flat Formation, Captains Flat Group, Carwoola Beds, Carwoola Formation, Chakola Formation, Cheitmore Limestone Member, Cobra Formation, Commerong Volcanics, Copper Creek Shale, Covan Creek Formation, Crookwell Basalt, Cuddyong Formation, Currawalla Shale, Currawang Basalt, Currawang Volcanics, De Drack Formation, Dignams Siltstone, Doongala Chert Member, Douro Group, Ellenden Granite, Ellenden Suite, Elliots Shale Member, Emu Swamp Formation, Eulendool Formation, Foggs Hollow Granite, Forest Lodge Quartz Monzodiorite, Gearys Gap Formation, Gibraltar Granite, Girilambone Group, Glen Fergus Member, Glenbog Suite, Gourock Granodiorite, Gundary Volcanics, Gungoandra Siltstone, Gunning Suite, Harrisons Peak Granite, Hattons Corner Group, Hawkins Volcanics, Hoskinstown Group, Howqua Chert, Jerrara Formation, Jerrawa Beds, Jerrawa Series, Joppa Siltstone Member, Kangaloolah Volcanics, Keatings Shale Member, Kerrawary Siltstone, Kildrummie Formation, Kingsdale Limestone Member, Koetong Suite, Kohinoor Volcanics, Komungla Rhyolite Member, Kowmung Formation, Lambie Group, Lickhole Volcanics, Lockhart Basic Intrusive Complex, Lockhart Igneous Complex, Lockyersleigh Granite, Long Flat Volcanics, Longreach Volcanics, Mallacoota Beds, Marble Arch Limestone Member, Mares Forest Volcanics, Margules Group, Merigan Black Shale, Micalong Swamp Basic Igneous Complex, Millah Murrah Granite, Minuma Range Group, Mount Fairy Beds, Mount Fairy Group, Mulwaree Group, Mumbil Group, Mummel Chert Member, Mundoonen Sandstone, Mundoonen Series, Murruin Formation, Nattery Chert Member, New Country Sandstone, Newacres Ignimbrite Member, Numeralla Chert, Nungar Beds, Ondyong Point Formation, Palerang Formation, Palisthan Formation, Peach Tree Chert Member, Pinnak Sandstone, Pittman Formation, Poidevins Sandstone, Quialigo Volcanics, Rhyanna Formation, Rossi Granodiorite, Rossi Suite, Rutledge Conglomerate Member, Rutledge Quartzite Member, Ryrie Formation, Sandhills Creek Limestone Member, Shivering Conglomerate, Sinclair Conglomerate Member, Sooley Volcanic Member, State Circle Shale, Sunbury Group, Sunlight Creek Formation, Tallaganda Granodiorite, Tallebung Beds, Tallebung Group, Tallong Conglomerate, Tarago Conglomerate, Taralga Group, Thurralilly Suite, Tinderry Granite, Tirranna Andesite Member, Towrang Beds, Towrang Formation, Triangle Group, Turrallo Suite, Ungarie Suite, Urialla Granite, Wagga Group, Warbisco Shale, Watch Box Granite, Weereewa Group, Wet Lagoon Volcanics, Wheeo Basalt, Whipbird Creek Formation, Willandra Sandstone, Willigam Sandstone Member, Windellama Limestone Member, Wollondilly beds, Wologorong Granite, Wologorong Suite, Wologorong Supersuite, Wombeyan Limestone, Woodlawn Volcanics, Wowagin Dacite Member, Wyanbene Limestone Member, Yalmy Group, Yandyguinula Member, Yewrangara Granite Genesis history of iron ore from Mesoarchean BIF at the Wodgina mine, Western Australia Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 64/1, p41-62. Reference ID: 35739Keywords: Laterites, Mineral exploration, Nickel, Nickel deposits, Nickel minerals, Nickel ores, Western Australia250k Maps: 100k Maps: Locations: Stratigraphic Names: Cooya Pooya Dolerite, Munni Munni Complex Unconventional petroleum resources of the Roper Group, Mc Arthur Basin. Reference ID: 71091Keywords: Biostratigraphy, Conodonts, New South Wales, Ordovician, Palaeobiogeography, Tabulata250k Maps: 100k Maps: 8526 - Yarrangobilly Locations: BELUBULA RIVER, SUGARLOAFStratigraphic Names: Angullong Formation, Ashburnia Group, Ballingoole Limestone, Bowan Park Limestone Group, Canomodine Limestone, Cargo Creek Limestone, Cargo Limestone, Carriers Well Formation, Cliefden Caves Limestone Subgroup, Downderry Limestone Member, Drik Drik Formation, Fork Lagoons Beds, Glen Bell Formation, Gunningbland Formation, Malachis Hill Formation, Malongulli Formation, Trelawney beds, Uralba beds"", Wairuna Formation, Walli Volcanics, Wire Gully Limestone Member Woodley, WA 0 000 geological sheet 2642 Geological Survey of Western Australia null, map.