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Three are members of the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) complex, which encodes the cell-surface proteins that determine who can give body parts to whom and reflects many disease susceptibilities.

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And what happens if your office’s very own Brangelina, well, does a Brangelina and splits up a few months later?With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, today on the Rota Cloud blog, we’re providing a simple guide for HR managers, discussing everything from dealing with PDA to the legalities of enforcing a total ban on office romances.After the presentation, Matthew approached Linda and began his pursuit. Back at the company's New York offices, Matthew started calling her to chat and ask for advice about the business. And it was comforting to know that the guy in charge thought I was doing a great job," recalls Linda, who was one of the few women in CBS's senior ranks at the time.Before long, the honcho, who had seldom been seen on the floor where Linda worked, began appearing at her office.

Maybe it was something the confident VP said, or the way she said it, or how she looked-but something caught the eye of Matthew, a top CBS executive who was in the audience.

When does a relationship at work need to be declared? We drum it into all our trainees that they represent a well-known professional accountancy firm both at work and in their downtime; particularly so if they’re in a social situation and have had a few drinks,” says Sarah Churchman, head of diversity and inclusion and employee wellbeing at the firm.

How does an employer strike the right balance between respecting lovebirds’ privacy and protecting its business interests? Churchman dislikes the whole notion of US-style love contracts or “consensual relationship agreements”, because they intrude on private lives and, under UK law, offer scant protection against potential sexual harassment claims if an affair turns sour.

Yet, in common with a growing number of organisations spanning everything from consumer goods to local government, Pw C makes it a condition of employment that any potentially serious office liaison – particularly one that involves a manager and a direct report – is officially disclosed and managed appropriately.

“You can’t legislate against office romances or indeed falling in love, and any outright ban would be totally unworkable,” says Churchman.