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Robin also tragically lost his father Alan in December 2016.

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It happens all the time in our society, with much more dire consequences than being broken up with during a tearful elimination ceremony on national television.

And it's most damning when it comes from other women. One of them, Ashley I., told her castmates and the producers (and millions of viewers) that she was a virgin well before she told the man she was trying to marry.

None of the other hometown dates were disastrous -- unfortunately for us, there weren't any taxidermy-filled rooms or trips to the mortuary this season -- but it seems all but a forgone conclusion at this point that Ashley will end up engaged to J. Sure, Ben, the winemaker from Sonoma, is putting up a good fight. "It needs to work, otherwise, it just doesn't work for me," he said of the family dynamic. Luckily for Ashley, the other ladies in Ben's life seemed OK with her -- and his mom even told Ben that his late father was probably looking down on him and thinking "well done." The moment stirred a bunch of emotions for Ben, who apologized to his mom for not being a better son when the death occurred. This week, my pity was reserved for Ames, who is clearly still suffering from the concussion he got back in Asia.

First of all, he's "physically exactly" Ashley's type -- a point that should be obvious, since two of the guys in her final three look nearly identical. My dad "is everything that I am today," Ben said later, tearing up in a confessional-style interview. How dumbfounded did he look, mouth agape, when Ashley didn't give him a flower at the rose ceremony?

Lately he's been spotted with "Doctor Who" star Jenna Coleman.

Princess Beatrice is 26 years old and seventh in line for the throne.

But the new season, which premieres next week, looks like it could be entertaining — if tears, threats of violence and passive-aggressive remarks are your thing.

While Ilene liked Ashley, she worried that her son's heart would be "broken the way it was broken before." (Uh, what exactly did this guy's ex do? Let's not forget that little Internet ad sales title -- or something to that effect -- that conveniently slipped off of his job description card as the season has progressed. Sure, he's a little goofy sometimes and tries a little too hard to play up his cuteness.Nice try Chris, but a banana in a fruit bowl and Vaseline by Ashley’s bed isn’t really that exciting (she uses it for her chapped lips, okay? Then it’s on to an extended preview of the legacy of the addicts out there might be dying of excitement for what basically looks like The Jake & Vienna Crazy Show, I’m slightly skeptical.Maybe my crazy level peaks from the antics on the original show.In 2007, she was invited to show her collection at Paris Fashion Week.She debuted another collection the following year, gaining a royal presence within the fashion world.Harry is an officer in the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and was commissioned in a regiment of the Household Cavalry in the British Army.